Update 5/26/2011 – 4:34 AM

26 May

Bethany’s numbers appear to be stable, not perfect, but within reason.
Her ICP: (IntraCranial Pressure) is great at 10, down from 14 yesterday.
Her temperature is still a little high so they are treating it with Tylenol which helps.
She is still on the vent tube and initiates all the breaths which is fantastic!
There is still swelling in the brain so they’ve bumped her saline solution back up to 30ml in hopes that it draws fluid out of the cerebral tissues.

Although she is responding less than she did 2 days ago, she is spontaneously opening her eyes and coughing, and her eyes are responding to light and she blinks if something gets too close to her face, all good signs.

No news in regards to the pressure monitor (wingnut as the doctor referred to it) removal nor removal of the vent tube, both of which would make her much more comfortable.  Once she is more responsive these will be removed.

Prayer needs for Bethany are pretty much the same as yesterday; In general, that she continues to improve.  Specifically, that she starts opening her eyes on command and responding to all the test, and in addition, that her temperature goes down.

Family is holding steady, although the long hours at the hospital are taking their toll and we are modifying the game plan of how long we stay.  Our (WONDERFUL) nurse, Shana (I must say, if she hasn’t been sent by God, then she’s an angel!) recommended that we do less hours now, and more when she starts physical therapy.  We are working on how that will work as all of us desire to be with her 24×7.  Our son Nathan is planning on coming out to help again, which will help to carry the load.

As you saw from my previous post, we still need an answer to prayer in regards to Cassandra’s apartment in Pocatello, so please continue to pray for that.

And again, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your prayers, support, emails and donations, you are making a difference and we greatly appreciate it.

I’ve been asked by many of Beth’s friends to put a PayPal account on the blog so they can make a donation.  At first I was hesitant to do that, as it seemed a bit presumptuous, but after talking with Savannah, I believe I will.

Jeff and Savannah are Bethany’s neighbors and have been so helpful in regards to her house and setting up benefits for Beth.  I will post more info on that when it gets closer.

I’m including some pictures of little Beth when we lived in Boise.  They bring back some great memories. (Thanks to Kraig Kajala for the pic’s)
Thank you again.
God Bless.

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One response to “Update 5/26/2011 – 4:34 AM

  1. Jackie

    May 26, 2011 at 2:05 pm

    Hey – If you have people offering to make meals will you have them contact me and I can put them on the “meal train” schedule. I see Rachael signed up for several slots but she does not have to do this. I can fill the slots or fill it with others who are willing.


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