Update 5/28/11 – 12:06 PM

28 May

This afternoon Bethany continues to be in a stable state: All numbers are good, temperature is up a little 38.0 C (100.4 F).

In talking with the nurse they said the doctor’s conferred and decided to let Bethany’s body fight the infection naturally rather than filling her with a bunch of antibiotics.  So, that’s an area where all of us can help by praying against the infection.

Bethany is pretty much the same as yesterday, numbers stable, not too responsive, very difficult for her when she has to cough (so hard to watch too as she works so hard when she coughs and her heart rate goes way up…sigh).

The family is okay, Rachael feels like she’s coming down with something so is staying home so that she doesn’t give anything to Beth.  Early this morning Cassie and I were taking a shift together and finally around 2:00 we felt that we had better get home and get some rest.  So we’re learning how to listen to our bodies and our nurses who continue to tell us that we need to stay healthy and keep caught up on sleep as we will be needed more when she moves off of the ICU floor an onto a floor that is not so nurse intensive.

Nate is headed home on Monday and will stay through Thursday which will be a great help.

Good continues to bless us with so many wonderful people providing food, groceries, supportive emails and prayers.  I know I’ll be saying this a lot, but it means so much to us during this tough time, and every prayer, every thoughtful email, and every yummy morsel of dinner is greatly appreciated.  Thank you and God bless you!

Oh, and if you would like to provide a meal, Jackie, our next door neighbor is working up instructions on how to do that.  But basically you go here:
and create an account and then look for meal train for Paul & Sandy.

Thank you all again!

Paul & Family

This is from a backpacking trip that she and her sister Rach and good friend Susie did in the Sawtooth mountains a few years ago. So funny!


Good times!



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3 responses to “Update 5/28/11 – 12:06 PM

  1. Jeff Nehus

    May 28, 2011 at 9:12 pm

    Hey Mooter Family and friends if you need anything let me know. We have raised several hundred dollars to help you all out down at the Checkerboard and expect to raise a lot more with our community yardsale this next weekend as well as with our donation jars all around town. Anyway my thoughts and love to Bethany.

    Jeff Nehus

  2. Savannah Davis

    May 29, 2011 at 12:57 am

    Hi Mooters! I emailed Paul the information about the benefits thus far and all of the information I know about them. I will keep posted about that as much as possible. I am so happy to see happy Bethany’s picture from our wedding! She matched so well. We love you all. Let us know if you need anything. Sending all of our love the Mooter way.

  3. Savannah Davis

    May 29, 2011 at 6:52 am

    Hey it looks like the Pay Pal account is working. We love you all so much. Sending all of our love the Mooter way. So happy to hear and see (even little bits) of good news every day. I know Bethany will be back with us. We all love her so much. Can’t wait for this yard sale! We have had so many donations! And more to come. Thank all of you who have donated!


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