Update and Info on Meal Chain

03 Jun

Bethany had her 1st physical therapy today.  They had her sit up on the edge of the bed, and after a few minutes had her lay back down.  Session done. Bethany done.  It’s about all she could handle. (According to Nate)

She is communicating with with all of us but doesn’t know who we are yet.  I spent a couple of hours with her this morning before work and was showing her some pictures of our apple picking outing back in 2008 and she said they were nice pictures, but didn’t remember anything about them or us.  No biggy, it’ll happen.

Thank you all for continuing to pray.  I know it’s not easy with all the distractions we have in the world, but we know prayer works and we are so thankful for each one of you that takes time out of their day to pray for Bethany.  I know God will bless you all, as he has blessed us.

On the management side of things, our next door neighbor, Jackie, has been organizing the “Meal Chain” and has asked that we post this message with some new instructions. (Please pray for a SPECIAL blessing on her and her family, as she has continually fed us, stocked our fridge with food and milk, and brings over her precious child, Evangelina, to cheer us up, (she gives the best hugs ever!))

“Hello Folks,

I have been coordinating the meals for the Mooters over the past few weeks. 

For those of you in town and out of town who have been wanting to help with the food situation I have come up with a plan.

Those of you locally can sign up on the Meal Train to bring a meal. This is a new meal train than the one previous. It has been extended for the next month.

Those who are out of the area can call a local meal prep store called Cena. Here you can buy a dinner for the family. A meal generally costs between $23-28 or you can make any contribution amount and it can be applied to a meal. You do not have to specify a dinner. The Mooter family can choose the meals they would like and the company will prep the dinner to be cooked and deliver them. Cena 509-326-2499 or email them at

Anything you can contribute would be very much appreciated in this time of need. 

God bless,
Ps: if you have any questions please give me a call at 509-279-0492″

Thank you all again for the meals, donations, your encouraging words….everything, as I said earlier, we are so blessed.  God bless you!

God is Good!

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