Update 6/4/11 – 12:54 pm

04 Jun

Bethany continues to reside on the 8th floor of Sacred Heart hospital while healing up day by day.  This is a slow process, but each day it seems we see something that has improved.

She is continuing to talk, although it’s very quiet and short sentences.  We really have to listen very carefully for us to understand what she’s saying, and even then we miss things.

Lately she seems to be sleeping quite a bit, which is good.  She does have a small temperature and they running cultures on her urine and determine what might be causing it.  So, please pray for that.

When doing some research into the area of the brain that was impacted, the Temporal Lobe, one of the relevant symptom is “recall of faces”.  This helps to put my mine at ease and not be to overly concerned when she doesn’t respond to me or to the pictures I showed her on my phone of us apple picking, etc.One thing is clear, she still has a sense of humor and sharp wit.

I want to share with you some of the emails I recently received from friends of Bethany.  I’ll start off with a phone call the nurse on the 8th floor received.  She brought the phone to me and said someone from Las Vegas was calling saying she wanted to know about Beth’s condition and that her son was a friend of Beth.  Of course the hospital doesn’t allow out any info so she handed the phone to me.

I talked with a gal who said that her son was a very good friend of Bethany’s while Beth was living in Portland.  She said her son was so VERY concerned and upset about what had happened and so she took it upon herself to track Beth down to help ease his mind.  She said her son loved Beth like a sister and thought she was a very special girl, full of energy and strength.  (She said other things but they are not coming to mind…need to write these things down!)  I just thought it was neat that she went out of her way to track down Beth so she could help console her son.  I told her about this blog so he can stay in touch.

I’ve received MANY emails about Beth and how she’s meant so much to so many people, but here’s one I thought was special:

(The subject of this one was: OH MY GAWD!)

Dear Mooter Family,

My name is ryan. I am a friend of your daughters. I was so excited
when Bethany came back into town. She has always been an inspiration,
and I have cared for her as long as I've known her to say the least.
It is so hard to say much, but I think of her always now.

I was with her the night of the accident, with Winston around a fire
in my back yard. She smiles like the sun, and has a wit of steel. She
stayed awake, I went to bed, I wish I'd never slept.

I work for a local non-profit organization, Pedals2People. Tomorrow we
will be donating all the proceeds from our sales and services to

My heart goes out to you,


Thank you again for all your prayers and support.  Thank you Jesus!

Mooter Fam.

Pictures: I’ve put up various pic’s of Beth.  The one with her knuckle tattoo says “Earl Grey” as she loves that tea.  The one where she’s on the phone and leaning against the wall she loved because it showed she had some muscle in her legs! funny.  There is one of a drawing of her and Erica walking down a railroad track.  Bethany drew that and wrote an entire “zine” about her travels on trains (riding on the OUTSIDE of the train!) with her, Erica and others.  I will make an effort of posting the zine as a down load sometime soon.  There’s one of  a baby named Quinn, Erica’s,…such a cutie.  Another of a poster I assume she drew of “Food Not Bombs”.  She was very active in that.


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2 responses to “Update 6/4/11 – 12:54 pm

  1. leonneon

    June 6, 2011 at 10:11 pm

    Hello i’m friend of Bethany’s (i took those pics of her on the phone and her knuckles) and i just want to wish her the best. She is a very strong and upbeat person so i know she will have an awesome recovery.

    • pmooter

      June 6, 2011 at 10:46 pm

      Thanks Leon, we appreciate your thoughts and comments, and the picture!


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