Update 6/5/11 – 9:14 PM

06 Jun

Kind of a late update, but here we go.

Bethany has been more awake lately, but when she does get to sleep it’s a very deep sleep.  We’ve been very protective of her sleeping times and have had to “guard the door” so that she can get at least a 2 hour solid sleep.

Her temp is not bad, 99.2, but they are concerned that there is an infection somewhere and all the cultures are coming back negative.  So tonight the doctor ordered a CAT scan of her abdomen and pelvic area to see if perhaps there’s something they’ve missed.

Bethany is very uncomfortable, constantly squirming around and scratching, just don’t know what to do for her.  Please pray that we can find/do something that will help with the itching.

Thank you again for praying and I know this must be wearing on you, but please continue to prayer.  Maybe you all should do prayer shifts like we do for sitting with her. 😉

Today was the end of the yard sale that Jeff and Savannah and I’m sure MANY others (Winston, Jeff Nesch(Sp?) and …???? so many other of Beth’s friends) put on as a benefit for Beth.  So kind.  Thank you!

Here’s a picture of some of the great merchandise that was available!

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