Update 6/27/2011

27 Jun

Wow..sorry for not keeping everyone up on Bethany’s progress.

Bethany is progressing very well, each day we see changes, some good, some interesting.  Since I’m not with Bethany as much as Sandy and the girls I thought I would just put in some of the stuff they’ve sent me, so here goes: (Some could be repeats..sorry)

Cassie said to Beth, “Did you ever think you could lose your ghetto booty Bethany?”.  Bethany replied, “No, I thot it might get stolen from me, but I didn’t think I could lose it.”

Rach said she didn’t get a hug when she came in. So Bethany says in this low creepy voice…”Does somebody want a hug? Come on over here, I got yer hug… ”

Then, we heard she got to take a shower today and we were saying yay, finally! Bethany said, “Is there discontent in the masses?” She’s got a million of em.

The nurse just came in and got her out of the chair into her comfy bed and Beth said to her, “Yer magical…”

The girls asked Beth if they were just big fuzzy blobs with out her glasses. Beth said yes, so they moved in closer and closer…how bout now. When they were inches away Bethany said, yer still just fuzzy blobs. Then Rach and Cass said, are… we making you uncomfortable…I think we’ll just stay this close and Paul joined em, crowding in as close as they could to Beth’s face. Cass cozied up to her cheek and Beth said, “This is the way I always want us to be” Awh…When we came in tonight Beth was sitting in the wheel chair in the hall crying. The nurse was rubbing her back. Dad and Cass took turns hugging her. Then when I walked in I asked her what was wrong. “I’m just feeling emotional” she sobbed. I hugged and kissed her and she put her arms around me and I said, “It’s ok honey. You may need to cry sometimes. Daddy and Cassie and I we’ll cry with you ok? She let it out. I said, ‘Crying is cleansing for the soul right?” She said, that’s right. Then we went into her room and we shared a lot of laughs together. It was awesome. It is such a delight to spend time with her…all of us together (wish Nate was here too!) Family was a good idea God…thank You!

From Sandy: I forgot one of the best ones…I told Beth earlier that Cassie was jealous of her princess bed. She said, YES! That’s what I was going for…jealousy! Next thing I’ll get a Hello Kitty stepping stool to get into the bed…”

More from Sandy:
Bethany….oh Bethany you crack me up continually. If I were to try to record every witty thing she says, it would fill a book already. The funny lines are flying so fast, I forget many and can’t repeat them verbatum. She had a couple of weepy days with excruciating headaches. That was painful to watch. But yesterday and today she’s been spunky and as positive as anyone I’ve ever met!

The sad times…as she remembered that one of her dear friends died at Christmas…when she remembered it…she wept and thot it just happened. She said we are having his funeral today. She was very worried about his mother and what she must be going thru and wanted to know how to help her. Then the next day, a similar painful memory came to her as tho it had just happened. She had to relive these things a fresh. Very hard, trying to explain and comfort her. From moment to moment…not remembering what we just told her.

Every day the therapists say she is getting better and better. Better concentration, less prompting to answer questions etc…She is no longer needing the wheel chair to get to the bathroom. She prefers to walk. Of course we are still on either side to ensure balance…not that mine is the best…

This morning Bethany said, ‘It was cool that Dad got to come hang out with me yesterday.’ I said, ‘actually, first day he didn’t. He had a headache and scratchy throat so stayed away.’ She said, must have been a dream. So she told me that she really wanted her Dad to stay around longer so she was telling this caregiver hoping to keep him around longer. Then she added, ‘Man, you guys are so cool in my dreams. Yer awesome. You want to have a smaller butt in my dreams? You got it. Dad has more hair in my dreams….anything you want. Put in your order for my dreams folks. Everyone is perfect in my dreams…Oh man, I was laughing! The jokes just kept rolling, one after another. But that was the only one I was able to write down and remember.
Right now she is going on about how cool Jamey and Nate are. I mentioned to nurse the wedding and how we’d like Bethany to have the surgery out of the way so she can go. Beth said, Nates getting married?! Yes, he and Jamey are tying the knot. ‘Jamey is cool….Sisters at last! Holy Molar!’ Then she read the towel that Jamey embroidered for her, “Ride it out sister”. She’s really looking forward to the wedding.

Well, that’s for for now.  Again I apologize for not keeping this up to date.

Thanks again for all the prayers and support.

Mooter Family.


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5 responses to “Update 6/27/2011

  1. cassie lavoie

    June 27, 2011 at 10:34 pm

    thanks for the new update, i think of bethany everyday and imagine her doing well and healing thoughts are attached to every thought i have of her. i appreciate these posts/updates they help me keep a focus on what beth needs. i will focus on her headaches disappearing and her memories appearing just as she needs them. please let beth know Anne and cassie think and prayer for her daily and erika ,chloe and david love her. prayers to your family every day!!!
    much love, cassie and anne.

  2. Paul J. Mooter

    June 27, 2011 at 11:39 pm

    Happy to hear that She is doing so much better!! Heck I forget things once in a while!! (then everyone thinks I have alsiemers!!) I know i mispelled it but who’s perfect??
    Love Ya,.

  3. Jackie

    June 28, 2011 at 4:14 am

    These comments from Beth totally crack me up.

    I love her dreams. Do you think her dreams are memories from when she was younger…you know – more hair and smaller booty. If she’s taking orders than I have a request!!

    When will Nate be back over?

    Keep these updates coming! Evangeline asks everyday to see Beth on the computer. She really wants to see her in person though.

  4. Savannah and Jeff Davis

    June 28, 2011 at 4:53 am

    Hi Mooters! Went to see Bethany again yesterday and she is doing so well. She was acting herself again joking, laughing, and being loud. haha She is very excited about our band van and says that we have to actually play and actually make songs. She’s very funny. I’ve also heard a rumor that she will be getting out of St Luke’s very soon. We are so happy to see her doing SOO much better every time we see her. Can’t wait to see her singing on stage again as well! Love and prayers to the Mooters.

  5. Angie Carlisle

    June 28, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    So glad to hear that things are moving along so well with Bethany. I love the stories. Our family continues to pray for yours.



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