Update: 7-11-2011

11 Jul

Once again I am delinquent in getting updates posted about Beth.

Beth is doing so much better than we can even imagine.  Her short term memory is still faulty and we have to repeat continually what has happened to her, but we also see improvement in other areas.

She is heading home this Wednesday, July 13th, and we are anxiously and nervously awaiting her return.

So much has happened since I last posted on this blog.

We have a new deck in the back thanks to Terry Jett, his son Brandon and step son Justin Adams.  These guys worked tirelessly the entire Saturday to build a beautiful deck for Bethany so she had somewhere she could relax and enjoy the outdoors and have actually ‘steps’ to use instead of the ‘chicken coup’ platform I built years ago.  It is such a blessing to be able to sit out there with Beth on her home visits and not have to worry about getting her up and down.  God bless each one of you guys for your time, effort, financial gifts and amazing attitude during the building.  It felt like I was in a daze the entire day and yet you guys just kept going and going.  Thank you.

We’ve had Bethany home a number of times for short visits.  Each time she’s here she enjoys being home or maybe just away from the hospital/dormitory/apartment that she says she’s in.  The normal routine is eat, laugh, lay down due to a headache, nap, wake, eat some more, then back to the hospital.  More recent visits she’s done very well and we have wonderful moments and great laughs together.

We have pushed very hard at getting everything ready for Beth’s home coming.  We have a new room, with fresh paint and finished floor, a 1962 bed(WOW! And it’s in great shape! Only used on weekends by an old lady for afternoon naps 😉 ), and we have made a huge push to unclutter the entire 1st floor.

Just this weekend we have replaced tiles that were chipped or broken on the entry to the kitchen so there is no opportunity for her to trip on them.  We also stained the deck and have tried to do something with the weathered and cracked patio to ensure Bethany doesn’t trip when eating outside.  We have railings for both sets of stairs in the outside front being looked at and quoted on, and also railings for the bathroom.  These won’t be put in before she gets home but soon afterwards.

We’re making every effort to ensure a safe environment for Beth as she still doesn’t have the part they removed from her skull replaced yet.  That should happen sometime in September.   So we are with her every step as she wonders around the house.  Her balance is so so, and occasionally needs a hand going up or down stairs, especially when she’s tired.

Well, Hopefully this Wednesday we’ll document her coming home and I’ll post it in a reasonable time frame.  Sorry for the dry spell, just have been busy.

I have included some pictures:  I don’t know what kind of order they’ll come up in but here’s the list:

Nate getting a kiss from Bethany
Bethany attempting to play the guitar. (We should her one chord and she played that for a while as we say along)
Two thumbs up, one from Beth and Nate
The Construction crew: (L-R: me, Terry, Brandon, and Justin (Can barely make out Justin…sorry dude)
One of Rachael dressed up as ????? (Don’t know the story on that one but I just love the look on her face!)
And my favorite: Bethany walking with Rachael with the sun shining down on them.

These all came from Cassie’s FB page, as I don’t have any recent ones on my phone and haven’t downloaded any from the camera recently.  I’ll post more pictures later so check back here in say…a week?

(You can hover your mouse over the pic’s and then click on the middle button to pause or continue the slide show)

Thanks again for all your prayers and support.  As you can see, Prayer Works!!!!!!!!

Thanks again and again, The Fam.

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One response to “Update: 7-11-2011

  1. Sue Hille

    July 12, 2011 at 12:44 am

    We share your joy and delight at Bethany’s progress and homecoming! Prayers continue for you all with special thanks for the amazing healing God is working daily in Bethany. Also wanted to share with you our great respect for Dr. Marz who did the surgery on Will 2 months after Will suffered a major stroke caused by a tumor on the pituitary. Did you know Dr. Marz’s father was a Pastor? That was a comforting link for us!

    We did hear the construction work on your deck and join you in thanking your good friends who worked on it. Blessings! Sue


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