Update 11/2/2011

02 Nov

*** Update: 11:52 AM Woohoo! Doctor Martz just stopped by and told us she’s in recovery and that everything went perfect.  She has 5 small titanium plates and about 20 screws in her head.  (I asked to make sure all the screws were tight!)  She has a drainage tube in that will remain in place for the next two days.  Her wrist will be restrained so that she doesn’t bother the incission so that will be difficult for her.  The doctor also removed a beebee that was in the back of her head just under the skin.  (One of those stories I really don’t want to know about)  She will be in recovery for the next hour or so then into ICU for the next couple of nights.  Can’t wait to see her!

** Update: 10:52 AM: Just talked with the Anesthesiologist and they said that Dr. Martz has completed putting the skull in (they use screws and small plates, my Dad said to make sure she doesn’t have any “loose screws”..what a guy!) and it should be another 30 to 45 minutes.

Bethany is at the hospital today to have her skull placed back into her head.  She is in great spirits (as usual) and made everyone laugh.  The anesthesiologist in particular thought she was halarious.

One of the nurses that was putting in the IV into her arm was telling Beth how she wants to have a mullett done to her hair (We were talking about Beth wanting to wear her mohawk) and Beth said, “What? A mullett?  That’s from the 80’s and that’s where they should stay!”.  Broke everyone up.

I’m currenlty sitting in the hospital cafeterria but am heading back up to the waiting room.  They started on Beth at 9:13 AM  and so far everything is going along great.  I will report back as I get news.

Thanks to all of you folks that are praying for Beth, we greatly appreicate it.

Mooter Family.

Here’s some pictures of her just before she went into surgery:

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One response to “Update 11/2/2011

  1. Sue and Will Hille

    November 3, 2011 at 12:26 am

    Thank you for this update. We praise God with you for the positive read thus far on her surgery. Dr. Martz is one blessed by our heavenly Father with amazing medical/surgical skills. And Bethany’s good humor before surgery is delightful. Joining you we pray now for her continued recovery, physically and spiritually. This tragic trauma has brought out the very best in you, her loving family, and in Bethany. Another reminder that our awesome God can bring great blessing out of the worst of tragedies in our wasted world and is the ultimalte Winner in any struggle against pain or grief. Satan be damned, and we know Christ pulled off the ultimate “trick and treat” by enduring the cross and rising from death to new life we all can share.


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