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strong willow (a work in progress)

the way I walk the way I talk
thats all me babe you just cant top
you’ll never take away this flame
cant put it out you just cant tame
the curls in my hair the bite in my wit
my devilish ways my songs that I sing
my art is my heart and youll never break
the essence of me that lays the way
for humor and heart that pierces like wind
an icy bite or a slow warm fizz
you use me you abuse me
you steam rolled the young girl in me
but after she died a strong woman emerged
I’ll fight till I die I’ll stand strong and true
I took my fear and turned it to strength
I am strong I am true so fuck you

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hey oh back on da blog

hey I’m back on going to start posting my writings and poetry soon watch for my words!!!! poop!!!

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