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strong willow (a work in progress)

the way I walk the way I talk
thats all me babe you just cant top
you’ll never take away this flame
cant put it out you just cant tame
the curls in my hair the bite in my wit
my devilish ways my songs that I sing
my art is my heart and youll never break
the essence of me that lays the way
for humor and heart that pierces like wind
an icy bite or a slow warm fizz
you use me you abuse me
you steam rolled the young girl in me
but after she died a strong woman emerged
I’ll fight till I die I’ll stand strong and true
I took my fear and turned it to strength
I am strong I am true so fuck you

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hey oh back on da blog

hey I’m back on going to start posting my writings and poetry soon watch for my words!!!! poop!!!

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Women of Light – by bethany mooter

Women of Light

I lift my heavy lids
to see the mountain I must climb
alone and quaking, despair don’t take me
My eyes don’t see, I hear a chanting
the light subsides, I behold their faces

Every women a precisely formed facet
refracting hope in diamonds of sobriety
the strength and radiance arresting

My step wavers, I look to fall
a web of goodwill and arms of might
steady me and set me right

I see my face in their suffering
I hear the wisdom in their call
the innate goodness in every being
the bond that makes us more than sisters
this we fight for, a life worth living

We are Joan of Arc, we are warrior women.


By Bethany Mooter, 2012 (?)

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Pictures of the “I’m Alive” Party

Well we had a great turn out for the party with many of Beth’s friends stopping by to visit.

Everyone had a chance to share a funny story about Beth either while she was in the hospital recovering or even before the accident.

We also did a bit of playing and singing with Malory, Rach and myself getting down on the guitar.  We played the Wagon Wheel song so much and Sandra came up with some awesome lyrics about Beth…just amazing!

I wish we could have gotten more pictures but everyone was just so busy and having fun!

Thanks to everyone who came and brought some great food it was a blast!

Here’s all the pic’s we have..sorry.

Pic1-withBeth pic2-withbeth and winston pic3-zek and justin pic4-tom and daughter pic5 getting down on guitars


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Bethany Turns 3!!!

Oh wait..that’s not right!


  If you love BETHANY GRACE MOOTER we are having a Celebrate Life party to honor this amazing survivor of Traumatic Brain Injury 3 years ago (May 20th was the actual 3 year anniversary…)

June 1st Sunday

 Where? At 613 e 8th Ave. @ 2pm.

  Please bring your instruments if u play. Bethany wants to JAM.

Get the word out to friends of Bethany that may not be on Facebook. Bring a positive, upbeat, or funny memory that u have with Beth to share with everyone. We’ll be sharing some pictures of her early recovery just so we can be astounded and amazed at how far she’s come! Let’s celebrate!

PS: Please no alcohol



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Jeepers..FINALLY an Update! Gosh!!

Yes, I know, it’s been a while since I’ve updated Bethany’s blog (like since February!) but sometimes life is busy and I just don’t have a lot to say.

BUT, I will attempt to add a few things about Beth.

In General:  Bethany is doing well.  Her short term memory is slowly getting better and better.  Some days are better than others and it’s still a mystery the things she will remember and things she doesn’t.  We have a hard time pin pointing any one thing that helps more than the other, although if she writes things down it seems to help, but it’s difficult to get her to do that.  We’ll put note pads in her back pack, her pockets, anywhere we think it will help, and she just doesn’t remember she even has them, let alone that she’s supposed to write in them.  We’ve started numerous logs to have her write down things as they happen through out the day, and for a day or two it works, and then it doesn’t.  But we’ll keep trying as eventually something will click and it will happen.

Bethany still wants to be a nurse and I’ve started the process of financial aide (FASA) but until she can study and pass a test (driving permit) we are hesitant to actually have her start classes.

So, let’s see if I can do a quick sum up of some of what Bethany did this year:

May 2012: In May we traveled to Palouse Falls and had a wonderful time hiking and had a picnic.  The hike was especially challenging as we hiked all the way down to the water falls which in itself was tough, but just before we got to the “castles” (it’s the bunch of rocks just to the left and above the falls) we had to cross a section of trail that was at the most about 14 to 16 inches wide and fell off very steeply on either side.  Both Cass & I had an iron grip on Bethany as we traversed that section.  But as you can see below it was well worth it!

We appear to have done a fair amount of hiking this year as I was looking at my Facebook stuff and see pictures from various hikes.  One of the places we found (Sandy found, or was it Cass?) is Iller Creek hike just past Dishman.  We did a hike with Beth’s aunt and uncle from Boise, and then when her friend “Mutt & Elle” (love these names!) was visiting Spokane he and his girl friend joined us for another hike up and down Iller.  It’s a great place as you can see on both sides of the hill, Spokane Valley, and the Palouse.  Very nice.

Here’s a link or two to some of the pics:
Here’s another: (here)
And another: (here)

There’s more we did, but it’s close to my bed time so that’s all for now…oh wait, except for the hike we did today at the 9 Mile area north of Spokane!  It was a great hike, steep at 1st then leveled off, and on the return leg we had great views of the valley and river.  Sat on a bench and had a nice snack of cheese and apples..good times!

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Cassie’s a Star!



Here’s some pictures of my older sister Cassandra posing for her picture in the noodle express commercial she did. I’m so proud of her! This billboard was on Sprague near University Ave. She has two more in Spokane somewhere. You go girl!


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